4-WEEK Foundational Program

International Intensive (Asia Pacific) combines robust content, theological reflections, interaction with trainers and seasoned church planters, and practical skills.  This program is the ‘middle-ware‘ - intentionally designed to fill the gap between seminary education and the outworking of gospel ministries in global cities context.


Gospel Renewal - Church Planting - Integrative Ministry - Ministry Design - Leadership


  • Church Plant Presentation
  • Budget Formulation
  • Fundraising Approach
  • Action Plan
  • Evaluation Feedback on Assessment to Next Step Guidance, among others

2015 Intensive (June 13 to July 10) - Application Opens Soon!

Tokyo                   Our Redeemer City to City Team recognize a gospel momentum is building up in Tokyo, one of the most challenging global cities in Asia. Tokyo both challenges the Intensive Class on wresting with urban contexts, and also encourages the church planters on the possibilities of planting gospel-centered churches against all odds. Rev. Makoto Fukdua (Intensive Class of 2008, New York) and Rev. Seima Aoyagi (Intensive Class of 2009, New York) gave sessions about their churches. We also have three participants from Japan - two from Tokyo, and a couple from Osaka.

Hong Kong         We are grateful for Watermark Community Church and Solomon's Porch Church in supporting us, and their pastors in interacting with the church planters. Hong Kong is unique that we are able to invite our cultural leaders to speak on Faith & Work - about Marketplace Ministry, and Mercy and Justice - while Rev. Jay Kyle gave a theological perspective on this topic. The dynamic class response shows that these are challenging urban needs that are shared across Tokyo and India.  

Singapore           We are honored to have Agape Baptist Church as our another supporting church in Singapore in addition to Redemption Hill Church's gracious support.  As our partnering churches grow, we will continuously review our training plan to include more exemplary gospel ministry models of preaching, leadership, churches being impacted, influenced and changed by the gospel in challenging urban contexts.


CHURCH PLANTERS - Rising Calibre

Twelve church planters participated the 2014 Intensive class, coming from Tokyo, Osaka, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Kuala Lumpur. The calibre of the church planting participants is rising in Asia Pacific.  We receive encouraging recommendations from our Network Leaders and pastors.  We are intentionally spending more effort in the initial assessment phase to ensure the recruiting of good candidates - on their calling, readiness, identifying their strengths and areas for future growth.


TRAINING IMPACT - Gospel Renewed Heart. Enlarged Vision for the City.

On their last day of training,  the church planters were asked to reflect on their newly acquired understanding, new attitudes, new skills, and their next steps.  Like the alumni in the previous years, their hearts and minds were renewed by the gospel.  They have a larger theological vision for their cities - in loving the people, making disciples and serving the city.