Estimated Costs

Assessment Fee: $200 USD/couple 

Registration Fee: $200 USD/couple

Housing: Estimated $1,100 USD/room

Meals: Estimated $250 USD/person

Local Travel: Estimated $60 USD/person

Airport Transfer: Estimated $50 USD/person

Total Estimated Cost Per Person: $1,660 + Airfare

Saving Money: There are limited scholarships available to waive the Registration Fee. If you are in financial need and would like to be considered, please email Candy before February 24. 


Can couples attend the Intensive together?

Yes! In fact, it is encouraged. Couples that go through the Intensive together are often much more effective in their ministry since they are both equipped for ministry and aligned in mission and vision.

Am I allowed to bring my children?

We welcome/encourage couples to attend together, but will not have housing or childcare for children. If you want your whole family to attend the Intensive, you are responsible to find your own housing and childcare and we will help out in any way we can!

I can't make it to the whole Intensive. Can I still attend a portion?

We ask that you stay for the whole Intensive. It is indeed an 'Intensive' and there is a lot that is missed by not participating in the whole time.

Will we have internet access?

Yes! We will have internet in our training room and hotel.