Parakaleo is an organization that walks alongside women in church planting. The reality is that couples go into church planting together. They are called, assessed, and sent as a unit. But from here forward the focus shifts to the planter. Parakaleo, the Greek word for "coming alongside," is dedicated to ensuring that both members of the church planting team receive gospel-centered training and care. Specifically, Parakaleo creates relational space for women to engage with a robust gospel that frees them to embrace and live their truest identity. Couples have a high success rate for the survival of their church and their marriage when both are trained and coached.


9-12 MARCH 2020

During the second week of the Intensive, we will be hosting a Parakaleo Retreat (Basic Training) for wives of church planters.

Here are the topics:

Monday | 9am - 4:30pm

The Issues We Face

Ministry wives face ambiguous and unique issues. We will start by performing in-class research to normalise and name the issues we are facing (and that’s just the first hour)! These issues can cause growth or stagnation. They can be areas where we fly or flounder. Growth and flying (surviving and thriving) are related to the degree we live out our identity in Christ. So this entire course is designed as an interactive training where we learn practical, visual, and memorable tools to take the truth of the gospel to our own hearts in light of the struggles we are encountering. Let’s put on our gospel lens and see who we are and whose we are and watch the Spirit bring new freedom for us on our journey.

TUESDAY | 9am - 4:30pm

When Desires and Longings Collide

In these sessions we will discuss how our story in light of God's story impacts everything. With a new awareness of our story and a deepened appreciation of the gospel, we gain the desire and the courage to face the issue of unmet longings and our chosen idolatries. Together we will address our insatiable need to make our life work and learn how to acknowledge our idols. We will learn to recognise true and false repentance and examine how desires and longings in our lives play out in relationship and in ministry.

Wednesday | 9am - 4:30pm

Calling and Role Navigation

As men and women in Christian ministry we are very good at doing, yet we grapple endlessly with being. We often think of our value in terms of our roles, responsibilities, and reputations. But is that really who we are? In these sessions we will learn to hear more clearly from God who HE says we are. We will learn about our identity and how he longs for you and me to join Him as He redeems all things. We’ll also learn about boundaries as a way of loving and the impact of trying to live as if we are God (Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent).

THURSDAY | 9am - 4:30pm

Styles of Relating in Community

When under pressure, we revert to our preferred styles of relating while often unaware as to how we impact those around us. In these sessions we will examine our chosen styles of relating and look to the Spirit for transformation. We will learn how various styles interact in community and our tendency to resolve conflict apart from the gospel. We will also examine ways to live in community without using power or status to bring about change and how to build a community of support for our ongoing journey in life and ministry.

To honour women in church planting, CTCAP will cover the full cost of all Parakaleo trainings for participants.

Registration will open on 22 November and you may register here.

As we have limited seating, Candy will send you an email to confirm your attendance upon receiving your registration.

For those of you who live outside of Bangkok, we would recommend arriving on Sunday evening and departing on Friday or Saturday, depending on whether you'd like to join the Intensive for the last day.

"Everyone who has been through church planting knows that it is a family affair. It's 'all hands on deck' - the church planter's wife and children are deeply involved. Yet spouses of church planters at most get a chapter in books on church planting - if they are fortunate. Here, however, Shari Thomas and Tami Resch have written and assembled an entire volume, filled with all kinds of tools, helping wives to not only cope with the intense thing that is church planting, but to grow powerfully and minister effectively. I'm grateful for their work."

Tim Keller's comments on Beyond Duct Tape: Holding the Heart Together in a Life of Ministry, Parakaleo's foundational book