Vision and Mission

City to City Asia Pacific is the regional affiliation to Redeemer Global/Redeemer City to City in New York. Our vision is to facilitate a gospel movement in Asia Pacific, seeing new churches planted, raising gospel-shaped church leaders and cultural leaders, seeking the major global cities in this region being renewed spiritually, socially, and culturally by the Gospel.

The formation of City to City Asia Pacific is the answer from long years of prayer from Redeemer City to City, pastors, business and cultural leaders alike from Asia Pacific. Our mission is to help start urban churches. We are gospel-centered, value church planting, church maturity, theological education, gospel transformation of society and culture, and mercy and justice ministries. We are serving five regional areas: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, China, India and Australia.



Centrality of the Gospel

What draws us and binds us together is the centrality of the gospel, as articulated in The Theological DNA of Redeemer Global.  Gospel DNA is a theological and practical understanding of how the gospel shapes all of life, from the heart, to churches, and to the cities.  It is a distinctive urban vision of the world put into action.

Targeted Cities

Our presence at the targeted cities in Asia Pacific is guided by these key fundamentals:

  • Urban centers with economic and cultural influences
  • Church planters with deep sense of calling, leadership potential, gospel-shaping character
  • Commitment of local church leadership in partnering with us to oversee the planter

Our footprint in this region coincides precisely with the most dynamic cities in Asia Pacific - those emerging urban clusters that will drive dramatic economic growth and demographic changes over the next 10 years.  


As a movement of gospel-centered churches develop in the region, a sustainable operational model is sought after to better serve and catalyze this continuous dynamic growth. We are building upon Redeemer Global/Redeemer City to City's experience and resources to create opportunities in partnering with our network leaders, pastors, rising trainers and coaches in Asia Pacific.  This is to foster a local leadership that is unique for the context of Asia Pacific as our leaders begin to shape up their own gospel ministry models and develop more resources for the future.

City Renewal Fund

A gift to the City Renewal Fund provides startup capital in the form of a $50,000 grant to a new church. The church gifts the original grant forward to a new church by year seven. By year 10, the fund grows to $115,000 and helps to plant a third church.

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