City to City Asia Pacific is pleased to offer advanced training for affiliate church planters and strategic partners. We will be offering a series of one week training courses, offered alongside the annual Asia Intensive, designed for urban church planters which we are calling the Master Class. Classes will focus on key topics and core competencies such as Christ-Centered Preaching, Ministry Design, Leadership, Gospel Renewal, Gospel-Centered Counseling, and Organizational Development. Previous participation in our Asia Intensive or pre-approval from CTC Asia Pacific leadership is required to participate in the Master Class.

Our inaugural Master Class, held alongside the first week of the 2017 Asia Intensive will be focused on Christ-Centered Preaching, led by Dr. Stephen Um.

Christ-Centered Preaching is broken up into 3 sections:


  • The Text and the Gospel
  • The History of Redemption
  • Christ Every Time


  • All the Way Down into their Hearts
  • All the Way Across the Perspectives
  • All the Way into Worldview
  • To Christians and Non-Christians


  • Christ on the Heart
  • Spirit in the Preacher


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The Details

The Master Class is for Intensive Alumni that would like further training on Christ-Centered Preaching. It will be held in Taipei 08 - 13 May. 

Monday 08 May: Arrive Taipei. Begins with Orientation Dinner at 6PM

Tuesday 09 May - Friday 12 May Class all day

Saturday 13 May: Depart Taipei



Registration Fee: $100 USD

Housing: Estimated $500 USD

Meals: Estimated $100 USD

Local Travel: Estimated $30 USD

Total Estimated Cost Per Person: $730 + Airfare

Financial aid is available based on need. Please email about funding assistance to cover the registration fee. 



Can couples attend the master class together?

Yes! In fact, it is encouraged. Couples that go through trainings together are often much more effective in their ministry since they are both equipped for ministry and aligned in mission and vision.

Am I allowed to bring my children?

We welcome/encourage you to bring your spouse, but will not have housing or childcare. If you want your whole family to attend the Intensive, you are responsible to find your own housing and childcare.

Why Christ-Centered Preaching?

The first responsibility of the pastor is to preach the inspired author's meaning from the text. The second responsibility of the pastor is to preach the gospel from the text. We believe that the point of the whole Bible is to show us the person and work of Jesus Christ. This means that to understand every text in the context of the whole Bible we must show what that text contributes to our understanding of Jesus. But if every text is really about Jesus (not just some moral principle)-- then every text is also really about the gospel (not just trying harder to be good.) To 'preach Christ' is to preach the gospel all the time. One of the reasons pastors can't seem to 'preach the gospel' from every text is because their understanding of the gospel is too narrow. 

For theological, pastoral, and missiological reasons we should read the Bible as 'Redemption History' and not simply as a body of spiritual and moral information. This means that every part of the text of the Bible is part of the 'Big Story' of salvation and attests to God's saving purposes which climax in Jesus Christ. Therefore, every text is 'really about Jesus'. But how do we 'get to Christ', practically speaking, when preaching a text that is not directly about Jesus? How can we actually read each text 'Christologically', with a Christo-centric focus?

In this class, we will be exploring these questions together and work through as a class how to fully digest the gospel for ourselves and then how to have it be the center of how the gospel is preached.